Andy Martinez PCSSA

Gatsby Scene

Hey you 👋

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I am a Pega CSSA and work as Pega Architect. I have decided to begin blogging in my spare time as a way of honing my skills and practice my writing while at it. I figured maybe I can be of help to someone out there going through the same issues as me.

I intend to write about Pega, Front-End technologies such as React and Gatsby, and also anything I might find interesting at the moment. Be warned, my personal interest vary like the wind. Bare with me as I try to be more consistent with my publishing, also I might come back and update posts periodically if needed.


Gatsby Blog Project

Gatsby landing page and blog. Reacturing pages and components to shy away from class components and rely more on hooks. Landing page will include an about me, projects section, and contact form. Blogging mainly about Pega, low-code-no-code solutions, robotics process automation, and Front-End technologies such as Gatsby, React, and vanilla Js, and accessiblity both in Pega and front-ends.